People love windows. They are both beautiful and practical. They can let in light, brighten up a room, let us see outside, help regulate the temperature of your home or office, and add that unique decorative  and stylish touch.

The sizes and styles of windows and sliding doors available for you to choose from are as varied as there are sizes and styles of homes and buildings.


There are many reasons windows might need replacing. Outdated windows that let in drafts or insects, updating the look of your home or building, or making your windows more energy efficient, thus lowering the electricity bills.

JDM Construction has many options and styles to choose from. We can do double or single hung windows, sliding windows, and even specialty shapes and colored or patterned glass.

If you are looking for practicality and beauty, you can choose a garden style window, which is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and home offices. Bay or bow windows provide a great view of your front lawn or back yard. They also make a great reading nook to cozy up to during those long winter months.

We also have several styles of designer art glass to choose from, as well as decorative grids and grooves. Colored or patterned glass adds a distinctive touch of elegance and beauty to your office or home.

Interior and exterior finishes of your new windows come in several finish and style options, so you can choose the look that suits your taste the best, right down to the look of the window locks.

There are several styles of glass to choose from, and our dual pane IGU System glass is EnergyStar rated for maximum energy efficiency. If you live or work in a high-traffic area, including busy roadways or frequently-used sidewalks, the choice of Noise Reduction Glass (NRG) is the perfect solution. Stop or reduce the sounds of traffic, playground and construction noise for a quieter and more relaxing home or workspace.

If your sliding doors and screens need replacing, our expert installation specialists are here to help! We provide a three-point locking system for excellent security, quad-seal weather stripping is above industry standards for protection and polyurethane insulation provides excellent energy efficiency, as well. Our specialty OptiView Sheer Screen provides a better view and better insect protection, as well as increased airflow.

For convenience and comfort, JDM Construction can install Sunblinds, exclusively from Sunrise. These mini blinds are sealed between panes, never need cleaning, and are fully adjustable. Our installation team also offers SolarClean self-cleaning glass. SolarClean uses a technology that combines the UV rays of the sun with the sheeting characteristics of glass, which allows the breakdown of dirt and other debris from the glass, allowing rain or a light spray with water to easily rinse it all away. It's guaranteed for the life of the window.


JDM Construction has experienced, specialized techs to install your windows and sliding doors. Our window installation specialists will sit down with you to help you determine what windows are best for each room in your home or office. We include a wide variety of styles to choose from, as well as pricing breakdowns, lead times, and technical information for all your windows.

Adding windows can open up a small home or room to make it seem larger and brighter. Adding a bay window to a front room can increase the curb appeal of your home by making it both more decorative and also seeming to increase the size of your home without actually adding an addition. Installing a new sliding door can improve the convenience of accessing the outdoors.


As we all know, windows and sliding doors do not last forever. They can break, the stripping can crack or peel, a sliding door can run off the tracks, or they may be prone to leakage or warping.

Repairing windows can help your home or office become more energy efficient by preventing drafts and insulating against heat loss, as well as protecting your walls from weather damage. Leaking windows can cause major damage to walls and foundations, so replacing or repairing them immediately is imperative. Broken or damaged windows can also let unwanted pests into your home or building, causing other problems to deal with.

JDM Construction can repair, add, enhance, or replace your windows and sliding doors - whatever you require, we can match your needs!