People love windows. They are both beautiful and practical. They can let in light, let us see outside, and add a special decorative touch.

The sizes and styles of windows available are as varied as there are sizes and styles of homes and buildings.

Adding windows can open up a small home or room to make it seem larger and brighter. Adding a bay window to a front room can increase the curb appeal of your home by making it both more decorative and also seeming to increase the size of your home without actually adding an addition.

Repairing or replacing windows can also help your home or office to become more energy efficient by preventing drafts and insulating against heat loss, as well as protecting your walls from weather damage. Leaking windows can cause major damage to walls and foundations, so replacing or repairing them immediately is imperative.

JDM Construction can repair, add, or replace your windows - whatever you require, we can match your needs!