A roof protects your home, but sometimes it fails. The Wisconsin weather can be harsh and many times extreme.

JDM Construction can inspect your roof to help determine where the failure is and if it can be repaired or need replacement. Pricing can vary wildly, as well, so it's best to have our experts on hand to give you all the options.

For example, many people now use asphalt roofing shingles instead of cedar or slate shingles. Asphalt roofing comes in sheets that can be installed much easier, more economically, and more quickly than single tiles. The cost of labor and materials is dramatically decreased with the use of asphalt roofing.

If your roof is over 20 years old it may be time for an inspection. Normally 20-50 years is a roof's life expectancy but it ultimately depends on the quality, durability, and type of material installed.

JDM Construction is well-versed in repairing all types of roofing and can help you make the best decision to match your needs and your budget.